Optional targets

You can optionally run make with the following targets:


  • apps Build the example applications given in the src/apps subdirectory of the distribution.

Targets for checking

  • check Run all tests listed below.

  • check-TAG, e.g. check-2_113 Run some test for the arithmetic of one field implementation, \(\mathbb{F}_{2^{113}}\) in this example.

  • check-gfp Run some tests for prime field arithmetic.

  • check-gfpe Run some tests for extensions of prime field arithmetic.

  • check-g2n Run some tests for characteristic 2 field arithmetic.

  • check-apps Run some tests for the example applications.

Targets for benching

  • bench Measure the running time of basic operations in all implemented fields (takes a long time).

  • mpfqbench Run a bench that returns a single score for the whole library.

  • bench-apps Bench applications.

Targets for tuning

The following targets are related to the tuning mechanism documented in the next chapter:

  • tune-gf2n

  • tune-TAG